Since 1981, Diesel Power has been a leader in the diesel engine industry in the Middle Tennessee/Southern Kentucky area. We are well known for quality service throughout the diesel engine industry, providing fuel systems, turbochargers, and engine component service to our customers.

We moved to our current location at 90 Parris Avenue in Nashville in 1996. This new facility allowed us to expand our efforts to meet customer needs with both drive in and field service. Our facility can handle large mobile equipment as well any size customer vehicle from pickups to tractor trailer rigs. Troubleshooting, diagnostics, repair, and installation all in one location, by the best technicians in the area!

Our ten employees have an average tenure in the industry in excess of 18 years each, with several over the 20 year mark. All technicians are graduates of multiple factory schools unavailable to specific equipment dealer’s employees. We’re the guys to advise or repair your diesel engine and keep your uptime where it needs to be.

Diesel Power is a certified member of the Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS) and is proud to be a VETERAN – OWNED BUSINESS.