Our HEUI Injectors


Diesel Power (DP) offers the best solution for our customers needing HEUI 7.3 injectors when it comes to the combination of quality and price.  A DP 7.3 injector gets the full quality treatment when it is built.  Our injector comes equipped with a new solenoid, seals, plunger and barrel, intensifier piston, and nozzle tip.  All other components receive a rigorous multi-step inspection to determine suitability for another life cycle.

Re-assembly follows a 24-step process prior to releasing the injector to our customer for use.  DP has found that re-used solenoids have exceeded their fatigue life duty cycle.  We replace all solenoids, even if they test for proper electrical resistance and action.  The heating/cooling cycles injectors experience, coupled with the extended life of these engines, is the cause of intermittent failures experienced with other suppliers’ HEUI rebuilds.  A Diesel Power HEUI injector can always be identified by the etched nameplate on the solenoid.