Diesel Fuel Challenges and Fixes


Diesel Fuel can be the source of many issues for the Diesel-powered equipment owner. Fortunately, the major issues with fuel can be managed by a user who is aware of the top issues. Most diesel fuel issues are attributed to water and little particles called asphaltines. Fortunately, issues with fuel can be handled by any consumer by using two products, both available at Diesel Power.

Newer engines require better and finer filtration to remove the asphaltines and trash which always exists in fuel. Current common rail injectors have components working in .007 inch (seven microns) tolerances, so the older 20 micron fuel filters will not get it done. Good filtration counts! Most OEM filters are currently produced by Racor. Diesel Power is the Racor filter distributor in its territory, and OEM fuel filter pricing is 20-40% below the OEM dealer pricing – FOR THE SAME FILTER!! Change your fuel filter often, and use the right one.

The second culprit is water. Water always exists in fuel, due to temperature change and condensation in the fuel tank. Water can be removed by using Stanadyne Performance Formula fuel treatment. This is a non-alcohol fuel treatment which causes water to be removed, not dispersed into the fuel. It is available at Diesel Power and its 22 dealer locations. During extended operation, treat your engine to Performance Formula treated fuel and feel the difference!!