DPF/DOC & Emissions

Cleaning Capability

DPLLC offers the two proper systems for DPF/DOC cleaning, and utilizes both to ensure that the DPF returned performed to its maximum capability for its service interval. Some customers prefer that the baking method be used, with DPFs/DOCs maintained at a high temperature for multiple hours to transform the soot to ash, and then air blow the resultant ash from the device. Others prefer the liquid/enzyme method, which utilizes an enzyme carried in filtered water to purge the soot in its base form. See the video below to see how it works.

Many of the later DPF assemblies are not cylindrical in nature, but all can be cleaned by DPLLC. Pickup truck DPFs do not create cleaning issues uses for our systems. Some systems can be modified to make baking/cleaning an easier and more straightforward process. All systems can be flow measured to ensure complete cleaning and evaluation for internal failures.

DPF / DOC Replacement

Our Durafit product line is the most cost effective replacement available for damaged DPFs/DOCs. The customer’s need for product and repair uptime is at the forefront of our units. Units are provided with all gaskets, a two year warranty, and NO CORE CHARGE. This has been done to assist the customer who would only be replacing his unit because it had failed, and simply does not have a core.