Fuel Filtration & Additives

Racor Filtration

DPLLC is the factory dealer for RACOR Filtration products. RACOR is the premier filtration manufacturer for mobile equipment. Many OEMs vehicles, including diesel powered PU trucks by Ford, General Motors and Dodge, have RACOR filters as their factory filters supplied with new trucks. DPLLC stocks ALL available RACOR OEM filters for these applications. Freightliner, Volvo, PACCAR, and International also count RACOR as an OEM supplier.

We act as a specialist handling bulk tank storage filtration issues. Combating the water and trash in bulk fuel is a full time job, and our experience with these efforts has yielded terrific results for school bus, aviation, stand by power generation and other large volume consumer applications. The FBO and Turbine systems are both available for higher flow applications, and the P family medium flow systems are used in a variety of applications. DPLLC can custom spec your system to meet your needs.

Fuel Additives

Both operating and cleaning fuel products are provided by our company, and our STANADYNE DEALER LIST. Our operating fuel additive is the premier product in the marketplace, and consists of three primary products – Performance Formula, Lubricity, and Injector Cleaner. The Stanadyne Performance formula serves four purposes – lubrication, water control, fuel waxing problems, and performance enhancement. Contact us for specific details and free samples. For those customers desiring added lubricity only, the Lubricity product provides that protection. Semi annually, use of our injector cleaner has been proven to stave off injector replacement, particularly in common rail applications.

Water entrainment into bulk tanks will promote algae growth in the tank – one of the most destructive items to enter a diesel fuel system. Our product, Killem, does just that to algae in a tank. Careful use will allow cleansing of a fuel bulk tank and restoration to normal operation. Contact DPLLC for details of use of this effective problem solver.